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Delta converter filter of experts

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  Application of frequency converter filters
  Drive filters are mainly used to solve the inverter class load applied to the inverter, cooker, single crystal furnace polycrystalline furnace harmonic problems, a three-phase load drive 6-pulse rectifier typical features to 5 times, 7th harmonic mainly contain small amounts of 11 times, 13 times, high harmonics, total harmonic current distortion rate, for obvious influence other electrical equipment, but the unit capacity and distribution transformer capacity is small compared to the traditional LC passive filter is difficult to achieve the desired filtering effect.
  Inverter works Filter
  Drive by the filter line reactor, filter branch and reactor outlet composition. Line reactors have systems to isolate higher harmonics other harmonic sources, the shunt filter branch for supporting the load generated by the 5th, 7th and higher harmonics reactor outlet to vary the load rectifier power voltage characteristic. Filter complete sets of equipment are supplemented by temperature switches, fans and protect the display device (optional) which protect the display device can display each harmonic voltage and current situation into the outlet, and a filtration rate of harmonic current, over-voltage, output over-current protection function.
  The role of the inverter filter
  Reducing the load harmonic feedback (inverter filter can inhibit the harmonic distortion caused by non-linear loads, reduce the harmonic distortion rate of IEEE-519 requirements within the limits, so that the equipment meets the access charge system conditions)
  Improve energy conversion effect (energy saving effect drives Filter is reflected in two aspects: First, improve power factor, reducing the apparent current: the second is obviously to reduce the harmonic distortion, reduce the high harmonic losses)
  Increase equipment life (the drive filter reduces the current distribution can effectively reduce operating temperature transmission and distribution equipment, reduce aging, ensure the performance of the material, provided to extend the service life)
  Meet the requirements of IEEE-519 (this in a country or region, the device meets IEEE-519 harmonic limits or similar criteria before access to the electricity system, the drive can help filter equipment allows it to hang up network operation)
  Improve the reliability of the system (the drive filter can effectively reduce the heavy load load factor, reducing the apparent current, suppressing harmonic distortion, reduce transient overvoltage, reducing the rate of change of voltage and current to ensure electricity reliability)